In-company training gets a whole new meaning when you take your own mobile training unit to the client.

This provides an optimal presentation of your organisation which will save money for you and your client.

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Make your talk show or product presentation into our challenge. You can present your organisation or product as a unique attraction with international appeal. Your company will be in the spotlight with a professional image, no matter how grand the exhibition or public event might be.

The possibilities are practically limitless, the marketing return is measurably high!

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Meet new customers at an event and offer them the hospitality of your own, excitingly equipped reception area. Your unique product, the special enclosure and a perfect catering will be the unforgettable experience of the event.

A hospitality trailer can be equipped completely to suit your own purpose, target group and image.

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Many applications benefit from mobile solutions. It can be very efficient to move from place to place, fully equipped, ready for use.

Can you image it:

  •  A mobile research facility
  • A mobile hairdressing salon or fitness centre
  • A mobile research unit
  • A mobile medical post
  • A mobile command centre
  • Or a mobile information office

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